Nail Bar & Face Painting

Bring a child’s imagination to life with colourfully costumed face painters.

We also believe there is no limit to what can be done. Our face painters allow each child to suggest whatever face they desire. The emphasis for our face painting is creativity and fun. There are no set lists. There are no limits to the choices. The only constraint is time. If there is time enough, then we will create it.

Just a taste of some of the many exciting activites taking place


This is our biggest fundraiser of the year

This really is our biggest fundraiser of the year folks and the best opportunity to pull together and raise the much needed funds to maintain and run our school for the year to come. So we encourage everyone to come along, bring friends and family and spread the word. Every little helps and it all goes a long way.

Family Event

It's also our greatest family day we'll have all year.

We do truly pull out all the stops for the RMDS Christmas Fair. Everything from great food, to special gifts and fun and games and plenty of prizes. All topped off with a visit to the greatest Santa you'll see this year, he is not to be missed. So do make every effort to come down to the fair and enjoy our hard work and preparation.